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Add External Table to Relationship Diagram?

Question asked by BillBoyd on May 19, 2012
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Add External Table to Relationship Diagram?


As I mentioned in other posts, I'm trying to reimplement "Business Productivity Solution - Services Edition" in order to (1) avoid a problem with missing text in forms and (2) tailor it more closely to what my client needs.  I've made good progress, but I'm stuck on one item: How do I add a table in one physical file to the relationship diagram of a table in another physical file?  On page 126 the User's Guide says, "To set up a file to access data from another FileMaker Pro file: Add tables from other FileMaker Pro data sources to the relationships graph in the current FileMaker Pro file."  However, it doesn't explain how to do that.  I tried using File > Manage > External Data Sources and an external file now appears in the panel "Manage External Data Sources", but that didn't cause the external table to appear as an option in the "Edit Relationship" panel.  What's the secret?  Thanks for any help.