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Add historical function to sports performance database

Question asked by tomo17 on Feb 9, 2014


Add historical function to sports performance database


     I have a database that records the events conducted in a range of sports carnivals which I am happy with how it functions.  To increase the usability of it I am looking to add the ability of comparing year to year results and hopefully generating a list of event records. The database was based on suggestions from

     I am attempting to retrofit rather that rebuild from scratch. I have added a Carnivals table to record the overall list of carnivals and this is linked to the events program via a carnivalrecordID field.

     I am currently stuck on two aspects:

     generating the points score for each carnival separately (it is currently just adding all the points together across all carnivals)

     how to generate the event bests/records so that they are also visible during the carnival when that event is being conducted.  


     I have attached a screenshot of my current set up.


     Any help would be great