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Add new "invoice" via script/button from "customer" record

Question asked by brianquillin on Aug 11, 2011
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Add new "invoice" via script/button from "customer" record


(the thread is titled to hopefully help others who may use more generic terms)

When viewing a Contact record, I've placed a button titled "Add a Contribution".  I would like to click the button and be taken directly to the Contribution Layout, create a new record that has the previously viewed Contact already selected in the popup menu (where one would normally select the Contact for a new Contribution.  

I need help completing the script I want to use for this button.  What am I missing?  (I thought I needed a Get Current Record or something of the sort but I didn't see that option in the script area).

So far:

Go to Layout [Contributions etc]
New Record/Request

(how do I populate the popup menu with the record's information I came from?)