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Add New Record Issue and Scroll Window to Selection Issue

Question asked by vct on Jan 10, 2011
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Add New Record Issue and Scroll Window to Selection Issue


I have an application that's develop in v9.  When it's used in V10 or V11,  I noticed a couple of problems. We have Window XP on our computers.

1st. is where the new record appears.

In V9, if records are sorted or semi-sorted, the new record appears immediately after the current record, and the sort status changes to Semi-sorted. 

In V10/V11, it appears that if records are sorted or semi-sorted, the found set will be immediately sorted based on the last used sort order.  However, the screen stay at where the active record was before the new record was added.  This create a problem for me and the user of the application.  In v9, the users see their new record on the  screen.  When they 1st used the application in v10/v11, they thought the record was not added because they didn't see it on the screen.  When they realized that they have to scroll the window up and down to find the newly added record, they're very frustrated. 

I tried to resolve this New Record appearance issue by added a step to Scroll Window to selection.  This does not work.  the Window simply does not scroll at all.  I added a Refresh Window right before the Scroll Window and after the Scroll Window step, even the Scroll Window was the last step in the script.   Other thing I've tried was added a Commit Record step before the scroll window step.  The Window just simply does not scroll. 

Have anyone seen this problem and may have a solution?