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add new values to checkbox via script

Question asked by applelakshan1 on May 21, 2013
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add new values to checkbox via script


     Hello experts , I like to know how to add new values to checkbox  by script.

     let me explaing more,
     Its web application and my field name is accents, spme people can have more accents, and  i canot add new values  (other than predefined ) to checkboxes from web  (acording to me),  but i need  the way that i can enable the users to  be able to add new  accents which is not already in the checkbox.

     what i have in mind, (unless you have another idea),

     ** i understood that putiing those value to seperate table and create value list  based on that table  will do this trick. but ill go for that option if i didnt find a solution:).

     01. inventing new field that user can type (web )
     02. add that value to the checkbox by fiemaker script. --->  i need help with this step (will run under  the Filemaker Pro)

     Thanks guys .