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Add record in portal

Question asked by Beemer on Nov 20, 2013
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Add record in portal


     I am trying to emulate the functionality of the Estimates template in another database, but can't get it to work.

     I want to do something similar to the new estimate layout where the Item and associated fields are from the portal Estimate Data:: Item, category, price and so on. And that when one row is complete the user simply clicks on the next row to start a new row.

     I can get the portal to show my field from a drop down value list, but have two (as far as I can tell) issues:

     Firstly - in Layout Mode in the Data window of the Inspector, when I make the choices in display data from (Editorial::EditorialID), control style (Drop-down list), values from (EditorialID), the only option available in the following radio boxes is 'include arrow...'. Other two boxes are unavailable.

     Secondly - I can only create the first row in the portal. The second (empty) row does not show. portal is set to show 6 repetitions and have scroll bar. No sort or filter set and it is set to take records from my Editorial table.

     Can someone shed light on why I can't check the auto-complete using existing values and how to make a second row available once values have been entered in the first?

     Also having some funny issues with entries in one record duplicating in another in the same found set.