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Add records through a Portal

Question asked by hanstrager on Jul 9, 2013
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Add records through a Portal



     Im trying to make my own small invoice system by trying to adopt the ideas from the built in invoice solution in FIlemaker to my needs.

     What I’m trying to implement is the function where you add an invoice (in my case called WIP) from the customer table, which then shows up in a portal. Ideally I would like to carry over the customer name into my invoice (WIP::company). but now im a bit stuck.

     My portal is showing related records from WIP, and is filtering the portal records with the following: customer::Customer Name = WIP::company

     The button on my customer layout has the following script attached:


Set Variable [ $Customer_ID; Value:customer::XCustomer_FK ]
Go to Related Record [ From table: “WIP”; Using layout: “WIP” (WIP) ]

[ Show only related records ]
Set Variable [ $scriptrigger; Value:"Off" ] New Record/Request
                    Commit Records/Requests 

     But sofar the only thing that is happening is that I’m only adding new customer records and not any WIP records, and nothing is showing up in my portal. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong,,?