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    Add text to multiple records at once



      Add text to multiple records at once


      I am a music teacher and I am creating a Student Gradebook database.  The students are sorted by lesson groups.  From a table or list view of the lesson groups I would like to be able to update several fields that are related to the students: things like attendance with a pop-up menu), grade (with pop-up menu) and notes (text pretaining to one or more of the students).  I have already created a table view that works, but it requires manually entering a pop-up field for each of these fields for each student.  It is time-consuming to update so many fields with very little time in between classes.

      Is there a way to automate the process?  Could I select a grade and have it be instantly applied to a selected number of students?  Could I type something into the text field and also have it applied to different select number of students?

      I am not afraid to write scripts, but I just need to know what direction to go in.