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Add to Portal via Search Bar and Results Window

Question asked by DanielClark on Feb 15, 2011
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Add to Portal via Search Bar and Results Window


I ran into this problem while creating some PO's from my PO Layout that I made. Currently, I add parts via a PO Line Items Portal onto a PO Layout. The PO Line Items Portal links to Parts stored in my Parts Inventory table. The way I currently add is by selecting from a drop down list field in the portal called PartID (which links PO Line Items and Parts Inventory via kp_PartID, a primary unique serial number field that gets automatically incremented every time a new part is added to the Parts Inventory table, and displays a second field called PartNumber).

This drop down list is set up so that when you click on it, a list of values from the PartNumber field can be chosen from, then once one is selected, the PartID is displayed, and all of the other part info gets pulled into the portal. This is an ok way to add parts to my portal, but because some of the ParNumber values are rather long, and some are really similar to others, the drop down list (and pop up menu) is kind of a sloppy way of adding parts to the portal.

What I would like to do is set up a search bar within the PO Layout with a results window underneath it; this enables one to type in a PartNumber, and it actively searches the Parts Inventory table for that part number. Then, if there is more than one match for what has been typed into the field so far - all of the matches are displayed, and the user can click on the desired part number to add. Then the portal can pull this PartNumber, kp_PartID, Manufacturer, etc.

Is there any way to do this? Thanks.