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add to value list

Question asked by m10muhammad on Aug 4, 2010
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add to value list


one table in my database includes two fields with value lists, manufacturer and model, where the latter depends on the former (i.e. the value list i get to choose from for model depends on the value i selected from the manufacturer list).

sometimes, however, a new model comes out that is not on the pre-defined value list. i am wondering if it is possible that when i type in a model that is not on the value list, it would then add itself to the values for the value list.

for example, if manufacturer is Heidelberg, i would get choices GTO50, GTO52, and GTO54 on my model value list. however a new model GTO56 came out, which is not on the value list. normally i would have to go to the table where i entered the model values, and add GTO56 along with the foreign key for manufacturer Heidelberg. 

what i want to do is that when i override the value list and type in GTO56, it would then add itself to the value list so that the next time i select heidelberg as the manufacturer, i would have the option of selecting GTO56 as the model.

please advise, thanks.