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    Add up a column if...



      Add up a column if...


      I am working to add a column if another column has these values and I have tried all types of combinations adn hopefully someone a lot smarter then I can help with making this work.


      One of the combinations I have been tring is ;


      Case (
      Jobs::final_delivery_communication  =
      "Final"; mfg over_under;
      Jobs::final_delivery_communication   =
       "Wait Fac" ; mfg over_under;
      Jobs::final_delivery_communication   = 
      "Wait Cus" ; mfg over_under;
      Jobs::final_delivery_communication =  
       "Week of"; mfg over_under)


      Basiclly I am looking to see if the field  Jobs::final_delivery_communication have those values and if they do add the numbers together in mfg over_under. 


      The weird thing is if you click around in the fields the date changes and value changes in the field I am tring to calclate above...  On the date I am calling Get(CurrentDate) from the auto-enter.  


      Thanks, Larry

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          Thank you for your post.


          Another combination is:


          If (Jobs::final_delivery_communication = "Final" or Jobs::final_delivery_communication = "Wait Fac" or Jobs::final_delivery_communication = "Wait Cus" or Jobs::final_delivery_communication = "Week of" ; mfg over-under ; 0 )


          Then, create a Summary field that is a Total of the calculation field.


          None of your other fields should change unless you have a date field with the option set for modification date.



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            Wow, it worked great!  Thank you so much,  I was wondering how to use a summery field with a calculation - but it makes since to calculate then summerize..


            Thanks again,  Larry