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    Add word beginning of sentence


      Add word beginning of sentence


      What is the simplest way of adding a word to a beginning sentence?

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          That would depend on where that sentence is found in your database file. If you have only one sentence in a text field, you can use a script to add a word to the beginning of the text in that field like this:

          Set Field [ YourTable::yourTextField ; "NewWordHere " & YourTable::yourTextField ]

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            Yes sir! _i_ was kindna thinking a lot on those type  lines, until discovered  text function Replace. And this worked:

            Replace( textField; rightWords( text; 0); 0 ; "new word").

            This worked!!   but yea, your right.. the answer does require more explanation WHERE?

            "so how does one insert new word between two sentences?

            And thank you much for your time and availability position!