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Add zeros to Numbers

Question asked by Kirk_1 on Aug 11, 2012
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Add zeros to Numbers


I am putting a number into a field to get a found set.

The "numbers" in the records are all 6 digets long.

In this file some of the numbers are not that large, so it adds zeros in front to make them 6 long.

The number im imputing is 574.

The file is looking for 000574.

My logict is find the first number that is greater than or equal to... 574.

How do i add 3 zeros to the front of 574 to come up with a number it will recognize.

I tried *574 that got me the number, but in this segment of the file there are 2263 records. That won't work for all situations when my process/script creates a number different than 574. The numbers in the file are not sequential.