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Add/Remove Photos?

Question asked by MikeB-vs-FileMaker on Jun 10, 2011
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Add/Remove Photos?



I am trying to figure out a way that I can allow users to attach one or multiple photos to a record without creating separate container fields for each potential image (i.e. PictureContainerField1, PictureContainerField2, PictureContainerField3.....).  Not only does this limit the amount of photos that can be attached to the amount of fields I have created but it is a layout disaster.

Best case scenario I would like to have one container field and a "X of X" label field (X designating picture number), and a back and forward arrow to cycle through the images.

From what I have read this can be achieved through repition fields or something like that but I need some clarification as I am very new to this.

Right now I have a "Claims" Parent Table and a "Photos" Child Table.