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adding "packages" to my database

Question asked by gizmocreative on Nov 25, 2010
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adding "packages" to my database


Hi There, 

Im a relatively new user of filemaker and have found it a great and rewarding software and have built a fairly robust database from scratch to run my boss's business. I have a relatively simple setup of tables that from parent to child go:

customers -> Orders -> Invoices -> line items <- products

so the jobs is basically a hub for everything going on with a customer order (artwork requests, follw up calls etc.) the invoice is where the products get chosen that get added to the line items table. The invoice is basically a populated portal. My boss was happy with this and i explained why it is a good, but now he wants package deals to be added, so a collection of products. do i figure out how to auto-populate the portal or do i make something between line items and invoices that has every product, but also different package possibilities too? the other thing is tht package deals are only ever really a template as products need to be added or subtracted from the invoice, so it really is just an easy way to populate the portal with a number of different products for a number of different package options.

I dont need my hand held on this one and dont want to put anyone out, just any ideas to help me on the way would be more than appreciated