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    Adding a button for website



      Adding a button for website


      Trying to make a solution for our inventory, which will be used with an iPad and FM Go app. Using FM version 12 Advanced. In our table we have a list of SKU's, each one is unique. I need to have it so that each SKU is a button, and when you click on it a container with our website opens up, showing the product. Today I managed to make our first container with a working URL, but how do I make a button which would open up that URL? 

      For example; Click on button one for product number one, and the website for product one opens up...
      Click on button two for product number two, and the website for product two opens up... ETC.


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          Not sure what you mean by "container" here. A web viewer can be used to show a website or the system's default web viewer can be pointed at a specified URL from the database.

          Much depends on the basic design of your database, but if each Part is a record--such as rows in a portal or rows of records in a list view, another field in the same record can store the URL associated with that part (or the ID of a related record that stores the URL so that multiple parts can refer to the same web site if that is needed.)

          Button Setup can be used to set up a field (with the part number in it) as a button. This button can perform a script that uses Set Web Viewer and this associated URL field (or related record) to bring up the web site for that part.