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Adding a condition to a calculation

Question asked by katrinerd on Sep 4, 2010
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Adding a condition to a calculation


Hello all,

Is it possible to add an addendum to a calculation field saying, in certain cases, return something else?

I have a calculation field that gives me a URL based on information in other fields. It, in turn, is used in my web viewer, and plays videos on my server. (Call these ones that work Set A.)

I have a whole lot of videos that I want to play in the same way, but because of how they were named, I need the URL to pull information from other fields. (Set B.)

There is an identifier between the two sets. In a field called Tape Number, all those in Set B begin with "sd-". Is there a way to say, if Tape Number begins with "sd-", return x? I already know what I need for x. But I don't know how to write this statement, or whether I can add it to what is already there.

Thank you!