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Adding a Conditional Value List to existing Layout

Question asked by basilisk2 on Aug 19, 2010
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Adding a Conditional Value List to existing Layout


A little while back I got a great tip here that suggested using a Conditional Value List (CVL) to make it easier to choose selections in PopUp menus where the values available in Field2 depend on the selection made in Field1. So I tried doing this in my portal that uses a Many to Many relationship for part of the info ( but although I eventually worked out a way to get the CVL working, the other fields started misbehaving.

After entering data for the first two fields, each non-CVL field from Holdings in the 

Client --< Holdings >-- ChosenFundName >--< AllFundNames

relationship shows the same info for every record. Am I trying to do something that isn't possible, or am I doing it the wrong way?