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    Adding a Duplicate Table



      Adding a Duplicate Table


      My Database (FM Pro 8.5) is working well. I have 4 Tables, interconnected via relationships as I need them.

      Now., I need to duplicate one of my Tales (to make 5 total) so I can view only cetain information.

      Going to File then Database then the Relationship window, I duplicated the needed Table using the Duplicate button found on the bottom left. The original Table is 'DayNotes' and FileMaker named the duplicate as 'DayNotes 2'.

      I interconnected my lines as I need them to make 'DayNotes 2" relational.

      But, I cannot find 'DayNorws 2' on my main screen, only the oeiginal 4 Tables are aceessable.

      What do I need to do to access 'DayNotes 2'?  The process takes about 2 minutes, so I can start from scratch if needed

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          You haven't created a new table. If you look at the tables tab, you'll see you still have the same original 4 tables. What you have created is called a table occurrence and one that refers to the same table as DayNotes. Hover your mouse over the arrow in the upper left corner of these two table occurrences and you'll see the same name appear.

          When you create a new table on the table tab, fileMaker does two things for you:

          1) It creates a table occurrence of the same name on the relationships tab.

          2) It creates a new layout of the same name, linked in "show records from" (in layout setup) to the table occurrence of the same name.

          Creating a new table occurrence does not automatically create a new layout linked to it. If you want a layout linked to it, (You may not need to), you can enter layout mode, select new layout and then select DayNotes 2 from the show records from drop down.

          This may not produce the results you want, however. If you want a portal to daynotes 2 on a layout based on a different table occurrence that is linked to daynotes 2 this can work, but if you just creat a layout based on day notes 2, you'll see the same records that you have in day notes (they both refer to the same underlying table). You can see different records on day notes 2 by performing a find, but then you can do that on your current day notes based layout without creating a new record.

          It can, however, be a way to display different records if you use Go To Related records from a different layout (based on a related table occurrence) to bring up a set of records.

          You may want to investigate this tutorial as a way to better understand the role of table ocurrences in a Filemaker database:  Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?