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Adding a Duplicate Table

Question asked by NathanStrahl on Nov 17, 2011
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Adding a Duplicate Table


My Database (FM Pro 8.5) is working well. I have 4 Tables, interconnected via relationships as I need them.

Now., I need to duplicate one of my Tales (to make 5 total) so I can view only cetain information.

Going to File then Database then the Relationship window, I duplicated the needed Table using the Duplicate button found on the bottom left. The original Table is 'DayNotes' and FileMaker named the duplicate as 'DayNotes 2'.

I interconnected my lines as I need them to make 'DayNotes 2" relational.

But, I cannot find 'DayNorws 2' on my main screen, only the oeiginal 4 Tables are aceessable.

What do I need to do to access 'DayNotes 2'?  The process takes about 2 minutes, so I can start from scratch if needed