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    Adding a function - Appraisal and Location



      Adding a function - Appraisal and Location


           I have a: Client Table, Artwork Table, Invoice Table and a LineItems Table.

           When I go to the Artwork Table Layout I can see the Client who purchased it in a Portal below.  In the Client Table layout I can see the what artwork the Client has purchased.

           I would like to now add additional functionality.  The Client owns the piece.  The Artwork is at a new location.  Also he just had it appraised.  How would I add a date to the appraisal and also include a location now for all his artwork.  The invoice of purchase would not be impacted of course.  Could I do it with one portal?  Also I would then like to make a report of all the artwork he owns and where it is located.



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               It would help to know the relationships that link your tables. You indicate that you have portals but not the relationships and any possible portal filters used to set them up.

               At a guess, it sounds like you have a many to many relationship between clients and artwork facilitated by join table linking the two. But while that would match the description you post, other combinations of tables and relationships could as well. If there is a join table between Artwork and Client a field in that table could record the appraisal date and another field or group of fields could record the new location of that artwork.