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Adding a function - Appraisal and Location

Question asked by FeldyNYC on May 18, 2014
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Adding a function - Appraisal and Location


     I have a: Client Table, Artwork Table, Invoice Table and a LineItems Table.

     When I go to the Artwork Table Layout I can see the Client who purchased it in a Portal below.  In the Client Table layout I can see the what artwork the Client has purchased.

     I would like to now add additional functionality.  The Client owns the piece.  The Artwork is at a new location.  Also he just had it appraised.  How would I add a date to the appraisal and also include a location now for all his artwork.  The invoice of purchase would not be impacted of course.  Could I do it with one portal?  Also I would then like to make a report of all the artwork he owns and where it is located.