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Adding a new customer record, from your inventory table

Question asked by AndrewJudd on Jul 4, 2015
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Adding a new customer record, from your inventory table


HI all,

I'm working on a slide control object which works exactly like the one in the starter solution for invoices. So a user in my case can click the name of an artist from my contact table to add it to an artwork (the portal and script to contacts works fine) or go to the next slide with a button and add a new contact to the contact table without having to navigate the the contact layout... so.. i'll attach a few images of what I have so far.

The problem I have is getting a new record created in contacts and then being able to choose that from the original list. The fields are from "Clients2" in my slide control and they are only editable once the contact has been assigned. I've not been able to set up a way to create a new record.

Hopefully the images will make sense. Just need some pointers with scripts I think.

Thank you