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Adding a new Holiday for all Staff

Question asked by philmcgeehan on Sep 26, 2013
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Adding a new Holiday for all Staff



     I'm designing a new database to do with Employees, and lots of new features are getting added all the time!

     My company shuts down for a few days over Christmas every year; however, this time is taken out of the employees allocated holidays. So I want to be able to enter a start date and an end date of the break as well as a description, that will get added as a record to every employees holiday table.

     At the moment I have the tables:

                    Staff                                           Staff Holidays
                    __kp_StaffID                     ←1 to many→                     _kf_StaffID
                    Name                                           DateStart
                    ...                                           DateEnd
                    ...                                           Description

     it already works out the number of working days and subtracts any public holidays between the dates.

     So I just want to know if anyone can suggest the best way of proceeding with this?

     I think it'll need some kind of loop through all of the staff, but, if anyone has done anything like this before, I would be most appreciative of your help.

     Many thanks,