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    Adding a new table to an existing file



      Adding a new table to an existing file


      I have added a new table (contacts) to an existing FMP12 file. To date my database has been a single table, so this is my first time to add a second table and create the relationship which I have done. Now I'm trying to add fields to an existing layout from the new table, and I am not able to enter data. The new fields from the new table have 4 dots on the left side of the field and when I'm in browse mode I cannot enter data. I can work in the fields from the original table but not the new one? What am I doing wrong?

      Here is a screen shot that I hope will help.



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          When you create a new table, FileMaker automatically adds a "box" to Manage | Database | Relationships with exactly the same name. This "box" is called a table occurrence. It also creates a new layout with exactly the same name.

          If you open Layout Setup... for a given layout, you'll find that one of these table occurrences has been selected in "Show Records From". The :: starting each field name is how FileMaker indicates that these fields do not come from the selected table occurrence. What information is shown in these fields and whether or not you can enter data into them will be controlled by how you have related the two table occurrences. You can't enter data in the fields from the related table occurrence because there is no new related record in your new table into which you can enter this data.

          It may be that all you need to do is to double click the relationship line linking the two table occurrences and enable "allow creation of records via this relationship" for the table occurrence of the newly added table, but this assumes that the relationship you defined supports this.