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    Adding a plugin to the .mpkg???



      Adding a plugin to the .mpkg???


           So I will start out with the words no one wants to read...I am new to this, now that we got that out of the way. I am trying to build the automated FileMaker Pro 11 client install for all the Macs at my building and I would like to include a plugin with the install to make my life easy. Is there a way to add a plugin to the .mpkg to accomplish this? If so please try to give me beginner instuctions cause package building/modification is still new to me. Thanks for the help.


           P.S. not to add to it but I will probably need to do this to a PC install as well but I will cross that bridge later.

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               I would install the plugin using your start up script and store the plugin an a container field.  the startup script would check for the plugin and if it's not there export the field contents to the plugin directory else continue startup script.


               Else I would refer to the packaging software for directions on how to use there software.

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                 If I have done my research correctly, the steps you are talking about happen on the database/server side correct? This would mean the client is already installed. I am looking to add the plugin during the install of the software. Also I am just using x-code to rebuild it, so if anyone has any knowledge or ability to help me that would be great.

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                   So I got daring and tried a different approach to the task at hand. Instead of trying to modify the package and add things to it, I instead dug down into the content and found the PostFlight file. I then was able to change the permissions on the .fmplugin to mirror the desired permissions on the taget drive. I added this file to the Content folder of the .pkg, and modified the postflight script with the following line and it is now working exactly as desired. YEAH, GO ME!!!.


                   if [ -d "$EXTENSIONS_FOLDER" ]
                   cp -r "$PACKAGE_PATH/Contents/YOURPLUGINHERE.fmplugin" "$EXTENSIONS_FOLDER/"