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    Adding a Provincial Sales Tax



      Adding a Provincial Sales Tax


           I am using Invoices from the Business - General Templates (FMproAdvanced).

           There is already a sales tax of 5%. I would like to add a Provincoal Sales Tax of 9,975% calculated on the Subtotal, minus Discount + Shipping. I tried, but I messed up. Can someone figure out how to do it. Thanks.

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               How does the existing sales tax of 5% differ from your provincial sales tax? (Here in the states, we call it a state sales tax and chances are that this 5% tax rate is the state sales tax as applied in most states of the United states for most types of purchases.)

               You may need to remove or disable that item. You may simply need to change how that item is used in calculations or maybe just specify a different tax rate for it to use.