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Adding a table to existing database

Question asked by JonXS on Sep 10, 2012
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Adding a table to existing database


     I need to add a table to an existing database but can't get the relationships right to make it work properly.

     The database tracks event management for a company. The main tables comprises employees, their children, and events.

     I need to add a table for guardians - those adults who will accompany children at company events. Some will be employees (parents), but not necessarily. It is possible an adult from one family will also supervise children from another family at an event. It is also likely that a child will be accompanied by one adult at a particular event, and by another adult at a different event.

     I need to count the children attending an event, and also the adults.

     The current database uses the company's employee number to relate child and employee records and has a unique identifier for events.

     I'd appreciate some assistance in getting the relationships and field definitions right.