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Adding an honorific title to follow a name field

Question asked by mashikoboy on Jan 6, 2012
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Adding an honorific title to follow a name field


I am setting up a layout for an envelope.

The last line is for the name of the recipient.

It is necessary for me to attach an honorific title (様) to the right of this field (same line of course).  It would correspond to "Mr." or "Ms." if it were English text.

This character must always slide, if necessary, in order to follow at the end of the name field (as indicated by the red square), and it must not be separated from the end of the field by more than one space.

I know the procedure is simple, and have done this before, but I forgot how I did it (how embarrassing!).   Can someone please show me how to set this up? 

I'm working against a deadline, and would appreciate some advice regarding this issue.