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Adding and accessing data supplemental to a field

Question asked by Steve_2 on Oct 4, 2014
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Adding and accessing data supplemental to a field


Still on my recipe database….here's a fun one for someone to PLEASE HELP ME with…

In a list of ingredients, i.e.

2             small eggplant, sliced
1 clove    garlic
3             large eggs
1 oz        paprika                 ……….(quantities are in fields separate from the ingredients)

I'd like to allow the user to be able to append an ingredient with tidbits of information organized in a small group of INFO fields (including: About, Prep, Where to Buy, and Substitutes). That info could then be accessed (and updated if desired) at some later point in a subsequent (different) recipe by clicking on a button or popover button) when that same or similar ingredient re-appeared.

The ingredients are listed (and input) as lines in a Portal (showing records from a Table called "Recipe_Data"), while the rest of the recipe (name, instructions, recipe category, photo, etc.) are in a Table called "Recipes." (The layout is based on the Table "Recipes".)

Here's a scenario:

In the example above, in a typical recipe, the user would list the ingredients as shown (the quantities, as noted, are in separate fields on the same line of the Portal).  

The user clicks on a button on the Portal line adjacent to "small eggplant, sliced". In the Popover (or separate Window) that comes up, the user might enter "St. Lawrence Market" in Where to Buy and "zucchini" in Substitutes. **If it helps, the user could also be asked to add the "Key" ingredient "eggplant" to a field within the Popover/Window.

Later, the user comes across a different recipe (or adds a new recipe) with the same ingredient (but probably a different line typed into the field in the Portal):

3     large, very ripe eggplant

Now the user can click on the button/popover and see the existing Where to Buy info and the Substitutes (plus any Prep info, etc, for "eggplant" that had been entered previously.

Can this be done?

***And, in a PERFECT world, once info was present in one of these "INFO" fields for eggplant, the word "EGGPLANT" would change to, say, blue, in all previous and future recipes to alert the user that some info existed. (But this nicety is definitely optional!)

Please explain so this Filemaker Pro neophyte can understand!

(P.S. Don't try this recipe at home. I just made up the list of ingredients. Could taste awful!)