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Adding and Subtracting Time

Question asked by JasonKrueger on Apr 23, 2012
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Adding and Subtracting Time


I am completely new to FMP, but have quite a bit of experience with Excel and Numbers, so am not complete new to writting formulas. 

I am trying to create a simple Timeclock. I have created four fields which will gather Current Time, when a coordsponding button is pressed:

Clock in, Lunch in, Lunch out, Clock out. 

I have created another field which will acumulate the total time worked in a day. I have been playing around with how to get this field's equations to funciton properly. 

I have read through many of the other forum posts on how to make this work, and have spent a couple of hours reading through the functions refference, and cannot seem to make them function properly. All of the results it is yielding make no sense.

I have tried: MOD ( Lunch in - Clock in + 86400 , 86400) as suggested on this forum:

I'm at a loss, this seems like it should not be difficult. 

Thank you for your help