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Adding Ascending Numbers to a database

Question asked by SpecialistEntertainment on Dec 2, 2008
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Adding Ascending Numbers to a database


Hi Folks,


I have created a contact management database with 1500 people's details. After creating the database, I decided to add an id number to each person starting at 1 finishing at 1500. I have been taking my time adding an id number to each record individually going up by 1. This is a very tiring process and I am constantly making mistakes which causes me to have to go back and re-number from the mistake.


I have already inputed the id numbers for the first 400 people but I still have the remaining 900. I know that is a much simpler way of doing this. So my question is how can I update my list from 401 and formulate it that it will update everyone from 401 to 1500.


Help please this is tiring.