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Adding attachments to outgoing email script

Question asked by oldgustav on Jan 20, 2010
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Adding attachments to outgoing email script


I am about to deploy a Filemaker database into a small networked office environment (running 3 PC's). There are a small number of pre-formatted emails that go out to customers, specific to the product they have ordered. Each of the different emails needs to include two pdf attachments. I can see how to add these to the 'Send Mail' script but don't know how this is going to work out when the database is being shared on a small network - ie. where do the attachments sit and how do the networked PC's locate them? We would like the attachments to be attached 'automatically' by the script - not manually prior to sending the email. One of the PC's is also being used as the server for the database. If the 'path' to the attachments is defined on the PC acting as the server, the two other PC's won't find them (or at least this is my expectation). Is there a clever way round this?


Thanks for your help.