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Adding auto-serial tweak to a duplicate record?

Question asked by timothy2k on Jun 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2009 by mrvodka


Adding auto-serial tweak to a duplicate record?


I see the functionality already exists to create a duplicate record. Is there a simple way to have the duplicate record append a number to the auto-serial that is assigned?


For example, I would like a button to create a duplicate record of a record with serial 10001. The duplicate record should then be assigned a serial of 10001-1, the next one is 10001-2, etc.


Creating a brand new record should work as normal, the next one should just be 10002. If I go back and create another duplicate of 10001, the next one would auto-assign 10001-3. If I make my first duplicate of 10002, it should be 10002-1.


Hope this makes sense!