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Adding automatic invoices for repeat orders.

Question asked by DanielCoxon on Mar 2, 2013
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Adding automatic invoices for repeat orders.


 Hi I am working on a database to help keep track of classes and fees at my sisters local dance school. I am new to filemaker and am having some trouble. I have started with the Invoices Starter solution as this seems to be the closest to my needs from the starter solutions (open to suggestions if anyone has a better solution). I am substituting customers with the students for the school. The products are in this case the lessons offered. I would like to create monthly invoices for each student listing the classes they take and the cost. I have been able to do this manually, create new invoice and add the lessons that apply to the student. This is would be too time consuming given the number of students and classes. I would like to find a way to list the lessons each student does and have an invoice created on the 1st of each month for all these classes. Any help that can be provided would be very much appreciated. Thanks