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    Adding character to a field



      Adding character to a field


           I have a 'e-mail'-field (text) on a layout. It should have a ;-character at the end when someone types an e-mail. How can check - with a script i suppose - if this character is there and if it's not, add it.



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               Why is the delimiter character a required character for this field? That seems odd. Or will the user need to add additional emails in a list separated by ; characters?

               If it's just a single email permitted in the field, a very simple validation calculation can check for this character and no scripting is involved.

               The calculation on the validation tab in field options might be:

               Right ( Self ; 1 ) = ";"

               But this seems an unusual thing to require as part of the data entry.

               You can also set up an auto-enter calculation in place of this validation option that automatically adds this character if it has been omitted.

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                 Sometimes thers a ;-character in the text-field, sometimes there's not. Now and then i want to make an e-mail lists-and then the ";" is needed. So i just need a way to see if it's there or not, and if it's not it should be added.

                 Hope there's a solution.

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                   I recommend that you not include this character in your email address fields as it is not part of the person's email address. Add the delmitter character in only when producing a list of emails, not as a character in every individual email address field.

                   But I have already provided a validation calculation that detects the absence of this character and displays an error message in my first post.