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    Adding contacts in found set to BPS Email Group in bulk



      Adding contacts in found set to BPS Email Group in bulk


      If I have a database of thousands of names and would like to make an email campaign using BPS EMail and create a group of, say, a few hundred names form the Contacts database, how can I add the contacts I want from the Contacts database to either the Recpients list or a Group in in BPS Email in bulk? The way the thing seems to work is by doing this one name at a time, which is not practical at all. I can easily find my list in the Contacts DB, but I can't seem to be make a list I can use in BPS Email from it other than add them one by one! Thanks!

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          I think if we knew what "BPS Email" is (a filemaker database? Software of another sort? an email server?...) we might better be able to answer your question. You might also want to read the following link for more suggestions on how to request help on this forum:


          When requesting assistance on this forum...

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            Oh, I'm sorry. "BPS" stands for "Business Productivity Solutions", and I thought that it was a very well known solutions package Filemaker makes. I assumed everyone here would have at least heard of it. In any case, I figured out how to modify one of the scripts to loop through the names and I know got it to do what I needed.


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              Hi Gabriel,


              I am having the very same problem, if you or anyone else on here could shed some light I would be entirely grateful!!  




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                Hi Gabriel,


                I was curious how you got this to work, to add bulk contacts in your Contacts DB into a group with in the Email BPS file? Any help would be grateful as I have been trying to crack this for several months now :) 




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                  I don't remember exactly what changes I made, but simply add a new script with this:


                  Add Campaigns_Multiple Contacts records 


                  Allow User Abort [ Off ] 

                  Set Error Capture [ On ] 

                  Set Field [ Campaigns::Temp Contact ID Global; "" ] 


                  Enter Find Mode [  ] 

                  [ Pause ] 

                  Perform Find [  ] 

                  Go to Record/Request/Page 

                  [ First ] 


                  Set Field [ Campaigns::Temp Contact ID Global; Contacts::Contact ID & "¶" ] 


                  Go to Layout [ “CampaignContacts Utility” (CampaignContacts) ] 


                  Exit Loop If [ Campaigns::Temp Contact ID Global = "" ] 

                  Enter Find Mode [  ] 

                  Set Field [ CampaignContacts::CampaignID_ContactID; Campaigns::Temp Campaign ID Global & "|" & LeftWords 

                  (Campaigns::Temp Contact ID Global; 1) ] 

                  Perform Find [  ] 

                  If [ Get ( FoundCount ) = 0 ] 

                  New Record/Request 

                  Set Field [ CampaignContacts::Campaign ID; Campaigns::Temp Campaign ID Global ] 

                  Set Field [ CampaignContacts::Contact ID; LeftWords(Campaigns::Temp Contact ID Global; 1) ] 

                  End If 

                  Set Field [ Campaigns::Temp Contact ID Global; Substitute(Campaigns::Temp Contact ID Global; LeftWords(Campaigns:: 

                  Temp Contact ID Global; 1) & "¶";"") ] 

                  End Loop 

                  Go to Layout [ “Contact Picker” (Contacts) ] 

                  Go to Record/Request/Page 

                  [ Next; Exit after last ] 

                  End Loop 


                  Perform Script [ “Navigate”; Parameter: "campaigns" ] 

                  Go to Field [ campaigns_campaignContacts_Contacts::Full Name ] 

                  Commit Records/Requests 

                  [ Skip data entry validation; No dialog ] 



                  It will be easier if you do the same thing I did, which was to make a copy of the script 

                  Add Campaigns_Contacts records in the Email DB and modify it as per the above. Once you run the script it will go into Find mode, enter all the search criteria for all the records you want, and press continue. That's all! 

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                    Hi Gabriel,

                    Working at the same target, i donot understand:

                    1. means copying a script that i can copy the text as you have been putting in here above?
                    2. where do i past it in?
                    3. after adding Campagns_Contacts records in the email db, which fields are necessary?
                    4. how do you 'trigger' (execute) the script? as a function to a button? or else?

                    i am quite novice on the level of scripting as you see. but my foundation will be very happy when large numbers of recipients can be send in 1 click of the mouse...

                    So thank you for any help.

                    Hans Pollen

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                      1) you can't copy text such as from a web page like this and paste it into the script editor. You'll need to build the script step by step in the script editor until it matches the script shown unless someone makes the script available in a FileMaker file, in which case you may be able to import the script from the other file into yours.

                      3) "necessary" for what purpose? You'll need at least the email address and a field or expression for the body of the email any time you use FileMaker's Send Mail script step to send mail.

                      4) Most likely, you'd add a button to a layout for this.


                      Judging from your questions, you may want to get a book on FileMaker or run a few tutorials to help you get up to speed on this.

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                        thanks for your answers. am really going to try to build all up as you wrote.

                        i am an novice in scripting; that will stay, as i encounter things in this case.... using fmp and making a nice application i did since 1997. but for me it is not possible to do profound development because of different profession and little time.  

                        thanx anyway. i'll come back with feedback.


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                          firsthi there,

                          i have been struggling whole day no, but no step closer to my desired solution.

                          what do i want?

                          • i have 981 contact in the contacts-db;
                          • i made an extra field so that the contacts are divided in 6 groups;
                          • these 6 groups are basis for a lot of coming email-campaigns, but also different selections must be able to be made;
                          • in the email-db, under groups, it is possible to define groups of recipients for different email-campaigns; the problem is the one by one selection;
                          • under campaigns and recipients, it is possible to import groups made in the email-groups layout AND again individual recipients to be able to create 'ad-hoc' recipients lists for (finally) using the email-sending option.

                          i reconstructed the script as gabriel put in this thread. it seemed to be a copy of a script already in the scriptlist, but with some little modifications. it is not working form me, because:

                          • i do want to use the different stages in the original bps; gabriels script jumps too fast to the endstage and it is not functioning well because of english (i use dutch version with dutch scripting);
                          • i also want to be able to select contactpersons, so that i can import that selection in the recipients list; this is the bulk import based on selections.

                          Exactly here i get lost. i put some filtering in the portal of the group-layout; it gives me a (permanent) pre-selection (per sub-group; and i need to still i need to re-enter the filter criteria in the portal/lay-oyt dialog; not good); but still: one by one to select within this selection...

                          So many words. Our strategy of the selection process is from rough to detailed. Rough, because it gives us already big subgroups for a lot of mailing-projects. Detailed, because of specific email-projects.

                          Is there any help to generate based on this context? We would apriciate a lot!

                          Thanks: hans