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    Adding Data for multiple found set



      Adding Data for multiple found set


           Hi Everyone

           I am running FM12 on Windows 7. I have created a database for a number of schools.

           When somebody opens the data base the attached script runs

           it searches of all schools that have an event in 6,3 or 1 month in the future.

           I would like it to add a line of text into the (History) field that states when the email was sent. I know how to do this but it but it only adds the information into the first record in the found set i would like it to add the line of text into every record within the found set.

           Hope this makes sense.

           Thanks Neil45156


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               Replace Field Contents can do that, and a looping script that loops through the set of records setting this field for every record can also do it, but if you are putting the same data into a field of multiple records, you also should consider whether that field is in the correct table. Perhaps there is a way to update a single record in a related table instead of every record in your found set.