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    Adding Data to a field



      Adding Data to a field


      When importing data into filemaker, I'd like to be able to "add to" data already contained in a field. Is there a way to do this. For example, If my database contained information about when a client purchased a product and what that product was and i was importing from Excel for example. How would i create a field that would allow me to update that client's information by "adding" to the field that contains the list of products that they had purchased giving me a history of what he/she purchased.


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          You could import the data into a different field with an auto enter calculation set on the original field to combine the two entries. Then enable auto-enter operations during import.


          Storing such a list all in one field, however, is rarely the best database structure. Storing such a list in a related table where each item is stored in a different records almost always is the better approach. With that approach you may be able to import directly into the related table and not have to do this kind of data concatentation at all.