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    adding Deposit to invoice



      adding Deposit to invoice


           i do a lot of 2 job trips, i added a deposit field which is located in the invoices table. i often go to a house, collect a deposit and then go back and collect the rest, so the second invoice needs to reflect the deposit they paid and minus it off their total.

           so what would be the best way to do this, i still don't understand the summary fields much although i used them in lines a few times. do i need a summary field here? is the deposit field even suppose to be in Invoices rather then lines? 

           just to clarify, this is how i did it, we can see if i was on the right track….i made a field in lines called total_balance and made it a calculation field that took my total_invoice and subtracted the deposit from it…then i put the total_balance from lines on the print report layout…i mean it seems straight forward but i just want to make sure i don't have to do a major over haul like I've been through once already lol…slow and steady.

           thanks in advance !

           Tommy T

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               Since your deposit applies to the entire invoice and not a specific line item, I'd think that you'd define the deposit field in invoices where it can readily be subtracted from the total computed from Lines. If you never have more than two payments, for the deposit and the balanced owed, you could use two number fields for this amount in the invoices table. (Note, for Some business models, you need an related table for payments so that a customer can pay off either part of an invoice or multiple invoices with a single payment.)

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                 hi one more thought, can i just add a  - deposit to the calculation i have in invoices called total invoice, its summing up the lines::price extended and then adding the invoices::total tax to it. i realized if i added - deposit to the calculation it works pretty well as far as subtracting one if theres a deposit present.

                 thanks again 

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                   That's exactly what I have in mind. You add a number field for the Deposit to the Invoice table and then modify the invoice total field to include the value of the deposit in calculating the total due.

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                     awesome thanks