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Adding entries to secondary table in cross-referenced spreadsheet

Question asked by chcsep on Apr 8, 2010
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Adding entries to secondary table in cross-referenced spreadsheet


Hi all, 


We're using FileMaker Pro 8 on OS X 10.5.8


We have a spreadsheet that was set up by someone who is no longer with the organization. It has two data tables, one with contact information for our members ("contact information"), and a second one with an entry for each year of the member's membership ("membership").


That is, we have a layout that shows the member's contact information, then a table that displays one row for each entry in the "membership" table for that member.


We are trying to create a new row in the "membership" table for each member. I.e. create a new entry in the "membership" table for each member, so that it shows up as a new row. (Hopefully someone will understand what we're trying to describe)


My colleague remembers last year creating a copy of the database, and based on this, I would have thought we'd be able to do the following:


1a: Create a copy of the database

1b: Delete all duplicate entries in the "membership" table

1c: create one entry per member in the "membership" table

1d: import this copy into the original database, updating the existing tables.




2a: Export the "membership" table to a spreadsheet

2b: Delete duplicate entries

2c: Update the renewal year of the non-duplicate entries

2d: import this updated spreadsheet into the original database, adding new entries to the "membership" table.


Unfortunately, when we try to reimport, we can't import or add entries to the "membership" table: the entries in that table don't show up in the field-matching prompt.


My colleague was able to figure this out last year, but we're both stumped this year. I appreciate any help to try to figure this out--we don't want to manually create 5000 new entries!


PS: If this is made easier by upgrading to the current version, we are likely to do so in the near future.