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Adding event tracking to an existing database

Question asked by MiloMV on Jan 8, 2011
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Adding event tracking to an existing database


Please forgive me once again for asking for help on what is probably a basic relationship setup, but even trying to extrapolate how this is done using Filemaker’s “Registrations” template, I cannot make it work on my database. I have just ordered the “Missing Manual” book for Filemaker 11 so will not bother you kind people again once it arrives. I only ask now because I am under a deadline to make this database work for a presentation next week. I will totally understand if no one wants to bother answering. But if there is one kind soul with a bit of time who could tell me  how to do this I would be extremely grateful.

As part of our foundation database which I am creating which already keeps track of a large list of potential donors, their donations, pledges and other information, we will be inviting certain of these people to various fundraising parties and want to keep track of who was invited to which event.

For the sake of simplicity I present the relationship I would like to make using only two tables with only a few fields:

Table one: DONORS containing contact information for all possible donors with the fields: idnumber, firstname, lastname, etc.

Table two: PARTIES to hold the list of each event with the fields: idnumber, partydate, partyname, partyidnumber

I would like to have a portal (or whatever you use with this type of relationship) on the DONORS form from which you could select the party or parties that this person has attended or to which you would like to invite them in the future. It would be nice if the party could be selected from a drop-down list.  I would also like this to be done in such a way that I could easily make a list report for each party to see who was invited to it and print out mailing labels for the invitations. I would also like to be able to do limit finds and sorts to make reports showing who was invited to not just one party but to a group of selected parties (and by omission, who has not been invited to any parties as yet).

Right now I have a test database set up using the pared down tables and fields which I have given you above and have linked the tables with the donor idnumber which is an autofill serial number. It is on this practice database that I have futilely been attempting to figure this out.

If with your help I can make this work on this pared down database, I should be able to incorporate it into my much larger Foundation database that already keeps track of donations and pledges using many tables and table instances in relationships that are working just fine. Since I already have numerous links to the DONORS table idnumber in my larger database, I may need to create another instance of this table (DONORS2) to match up with the PARTIES table. In attempting to figure this out by dissecting the “Registrations” template, it looked like there were small intervening tables to make this particular kind of relationship work that I did not understand. One person can be invited to many events, but also each event can have many persons invited to it.

Thank you in advance for you help and patience. Milo