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Adding fields in table view

Question asked by E.T. on Oct 31, 2010
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Adding fields in table view


I've added a field in my database called let's say ABC. I did it out of form view, edit layout. The field ABC is on my form, no question about it. It's an active field. 

Then I click on the "View Menu" then "BROWSE" mode

Then I go to To Table view (the rectangle on the right among the three rectangles "Form", "List" and "Table"

---> Right click on header: click on Modify table view

----> Then the "Modify Table View" box is displayed with the list of fields and a checkbox on the left of each field name. Here's my problem: All fields are there except my new field ABC. It's NOT there:)

 So for me, the question I think has nothing to do with checking or not a checkbox. I have no field and no checkbox on the list.

---> OK. No worries, I see the PLUS sign, I Click the + sign

---> Great, this time, my new field ABC is on the list. I highlight  it and click ok, 

--> It's still doens't appear on the list in table view. No field at all. 

I need this field for queries and this is really annoying. It has happened in another database and for all new field.s/ I am wondering if I forgot to do something when I created the field. 

I gave you all the details because my computer brain is very slow. If you have an answer to this, please be as specific as possible. Don't assume that I know what I am doing. Just help me out step by step. Thank you very much.