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    Adding fields to address labels



      Adding fields to address labels


      What I want to do is print out the addresses, names, and companies of everyone in my database onto labels. Right now, when I click "view address labels" it does of preview of the labels with the person's name and address. I also want their company name to be on there as well, but I cannot figure out how to do it. Currently, we do have a field in the database where we input the company name, but I don't know how to add that to the labels.


      Thanks for any help!



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          Thank you for your post.


          Go to layout where you print your labels.  Pull down the View menu and select "Layout Mode".  You will now see the fields that are used to print labels.


          You can move the fields around on the label, and from the left side of the screen, you can drag the "Field" tool into the position where you want to add a field and let go.  FileMaker Pro will then prompt you for the field name, and be sure to uncheck the field label.  Otherwise, that will also appear on the label.


          If you need additional help or need clarification, please let me know.



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            Hi Caitlin

            When you look at the labels. you may see that there are no fields! What is usually used on labels are merge fields. These are the names of fields in text and enclosed in double chevrons like this - <<CompanyName>>. 


            To add a merge field, use the text tool (the 'A' in the status area) to click in the text and then choose Insert > Merge Field...  and select a field to insert. Use line breaks as per normal typing.

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              What the difference between clicking the then dragging a field onto a layout, and inserting a merge field?


              For example, I created a new, blank layout, dragged the fName field onto the layout, then inserted a merge field, fName. The end result on the layout is the same. ?


              Related Question: When I went into a label layout, I say a number of merge fields. They seem to have a "box" around them. If I double-click, I get inside and am able to move/add/delete the merge fields. What is that box called and why is it there.


              Thank you for your help.



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                Hi Dr Dave
                Basically, a field is an object that displays field contents from a single field. A merge field is a piece of text in a text object that displays character data (text, number, date, time) from a field. Effectively they do display the same. 
                The advantage of a merge field is that you can easily string together data from multiple fields and specify the data separator (like a space, comma or return). So if you want to display someone's name, you can merge <<first name>> and a space and <<last name>>. To do this with fields, you have to set sliding left on each field and it is not always perfect.
                For your second question, merge fields are always inside a text object. Double-clicking the text object selects the text tool for you and allows you to edit the text object. So you can add other merge fields or type text. 
                Hope that clears things up for you. 


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                  That's very helpful David, thank you...and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.