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    Adding Fields to Tables



      Adding Fields to Tables


      I am using 8.5.  There is a field in a database file that appears in the View As Form screen but does not appear in the View As Table screen.  I added it to the Table in Define-Database ~ Fields screen.  However, it still does not appear in the View As Table screen nor does it appear in the Relationships tab in the Table I added it to?  What do I need to do?

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          If you added the field in Manage | Database | Fields, then it is most definitely available in Manage | Database | Relationships. It's impossible for it not to be. Why you can't see it is difficult to tell from here. The boxes in Manage | Database |Relationships don't necessarily have the same names as the tables defined in the Tables tab, so you might be looking at the wrong box (called a table occurrence) or it may simply need to be expanded or scrolled to reveal the name of the new field.

          Does 8.5 have a Modify button at top right of your screen when you are in table view? If so, you may be able to use it to add the field to your table view. If not, change to layout mode and use the field tool to add the new field to the layout.

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            Got it working thanks.