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adding fields, deleting tables

Question asked by brownriver on Aug 30, 2009
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adding fields, deleting tables


From a total newbie, a couple of questions that seem to be related:


Using manage database, I created two tables. In table A, I created a handful of text fields. In table B, I also created some text fields (with different names from those in table A).

While looking a Table A in the browse mode, I decided two things: I didn't need Table B, and I would add new fields to Table A. 


*In the Manage Database Window, on the fields list for Table A, I created two new text fields.

BUT: these new fields do not appear in any of the modes (browse, layout, etc). They don't appear when I click on New Record. I can only see them in the Manage Database window, in the field list for Table A. 


*I then tried to delete Table B. Again, in the Manage Database window, under the tables tab, I clicked on Table B and hit the delete button. Table B disappeared from the list. 

BUT: The table is still in there somewhere; when i click on the edit layout button, for example, it is still in the drop-down list of tables i can edit. And if I choose it in the browse mode, I see all of the field names I originally had in Table B, each one with <Table Missing> in the field itself.


So now I have a table I don't want, and I don't have fields that I do want. None of this changes after restarting the program.


*Finally, FM automatically gives the first table of my database the same name as the database itself. Can I change the name of this table without messing everything else up?



I'm certain that there's some very basic step I've missed in all of this, especially given that adding new fields after the fact seems like such a totally basic feature....but its driving me amok!


Thanks for any help!