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    Adding Information to a Related Layout



      Adding Information to a Related Layout


      Hi There,

      I'm trying to figure out how to/if I can add information to a layout via another layout.


      I have a layout Called "Leads" within this layout I have a few tabs indicating daily project notes [done], creative team [done] and Submissions [this is a portal to another layout entitled Submissions]. My question is: can I add "Submission" information via "Leads" or to I have to toggle layouts and go back to "Submissions" every time?

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          You can't create portals to a "layout". You create portals to a table in your system.

          You can set up a portal to submissions if you can define a relationship between your Leads table and your submissions table. A typical way to do this is to define a primary key field in Leads as an auto-entered serial number. Let's call it: LeadID. Then you define a matching LeadID number field (But NOT as an auto-entered serial number--just make it a number field.)

          In manage | Database | Relationships, you can then drag from Leads::LeadID to Submissions::LeadID to link the two tables in a relationship. Double click the line this action created and click the "allow creation of records via this relationship" for Submissions.

          Now you can go to the submissions tab on the Leads layout and use the portal tool to add a portal to submissions.