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    Adding Large Amounts of Data



      Adding Large Amounts of Data


      I am running FMP-9 on an iMac (with Snow Leopard).

      In my database, I have over 70,000 records.  They all relate to dates in history (each record is a specific event in history).  In a careless oversight, I realized that I did not allow for dates occurring before the modern era (eg., BC or BCE).  A simple fix would be to add either "BC" or "AD" to each record.  Is there a quick way to add this information without updating each record individually?  

      Or, does someone have a better, more efficient solution?  I am open to all suggestions?

      Thank you in advance,


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          Take a look at replace field contents with the calculation option. This tool can modify a field in every record in your found set in one go.

          Here's a sample expression that would ad "AD" to every record in the found set:

          Replace Field Contents [YourTable::yourTextField ; YourTable::yourTextField & " AD" ]

          You'd need to perform a find to pull up only AD dated records first before you do this operation.

          Since it can change a great many records all in one go, make a back up copy of your file just before you try it so you can start over if you don't get it exactly right on the first try.