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    Adding Leading Zeros to Phone Numbers



      Adding Leading Zeros to Phone Numbers



      Just imported a csv file to Filemaker Pro to populate a form and fields we finally managed to recover from Bento 1.

      Sadly all the leading zeros have disappeared from the numbers.

      They look like this:

      298763542 instead of 0298763542


      414188998 instead of 041488998 

      How can I use Filemaker pro to put them back.

      Please be basic in your explanation. Today is the first day I have Filemaker pro on my own.

      I have used a calculation like ="IF((LEFT,2),0,A1) to tidy all the numbers in excel is there a way to do something similar in Filemaker Pro 10?

      Is there an even better way? 

      I hope so.


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          Make a backup of your file as a safety. 


          1. If necessary, find or omit  the records in the database file to show only the records with phone numbers you want to modify.

          2. In the current record, select the contents of the field you want to replace. ( your phone # field)

          3. select Records Menu> Replace Field Contents.

          4. the replace field contents dialog opens.

          5. select the third radio button option  - Replace with calculated result.

          6. enter the calculation -  "0"&yourPhoneNumberField 

          7 Hit OK

          8. Hit Replace