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Adding Modified by and Modified On data

Question asked by alip on Sep 8, 2014
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Adding Modified by and Modified On data


Hello all,

Apologies if this has already been discussed but I can't find the answer so am hoping someone can help me!

I am updating a FileMaker Pro 13 (originally built in 12) database which has the following fields used in a Table to populate the Modified On and Modified By data when a record is amended. This is shown in the Edit Layout screen and works correctly:

<<Modified On>>   <<Modified By>>

I want to replicate this to be shown for data in another table but am unable to do so. I haven't seen the use of << >> around a field and have no idea how they were set up. It looks like they are just text fields. The Inspector doesn't show any data as to where it is linked and I can't see how it was first set up.

Unfortunately the person who originally created this is no longer contactable so I'm completely stuck!

Id be most grateful if anyone can shed any light as to what these are and how to set them up/amend them etc.