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Adding more parents to existing parent-child relationship

Question asked by ShaneB on Sep 3, 2013
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Adding more parents to existing parent-child relationship


     I have a parent-child record based system where researchers refine records into clusters, which are essentially groups of records. These groups are tracked on a parent-child join table. I have it set up where a single "cluster" record displays on a new layout, showing information from the parent records through a portal.

     I would like users to be able to add additional parent records to an existing child "cluster" record. I am having trouble figuring out the best way to go about emulating or replacing the way the users currently do this, which is essentially just cut and paste rows from a spreadsheet. My thought process is that a script could be run where:

     1) the id of the cluster record could be temporarily stored as a variable (not essential, I guess, it could function with just steps 2 and 3)

     2) users were re-directed to the record list for the parent records

     3) users re-select records from the parent list (this functions off of a global "keyholder" field) and press an "Add to existing cluster" function that displays a list of cluster records with a button next to the clusters that takes the id of the globally selected records and adds them to the join table.

     I believe the "add to existing cluster" script would have to direct to a modified version of the Cluster layout with the additional selection button, to avoid users seeing it in the normal Cluster layout. Does this approach make sense?