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Adding Multiple Items to Line Item

Question asked by GokhanKamu_1 on Jun 25, 2014
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Adding Multiple Items to Line Item


     Hello everyone,


     I'm trying to add multiple items as a line item with selecting one product only.


     First I tried to use packaging system. Created;

     Contacts-----<Line Item>-----inventory>------<packagingitems>-----inventory2... but this is not really working for me.

     Is it possible to write a script that binds items together and says "if this product added to line items add these products there too"?

     If this is possible how should I add this script and where?

     I'm using (at least trying to use) FMStartingPoint 4. Thats why creating kits doesn't work for me.  I can create kits there but I can't add those to invoices and I don't really understand mapping of FMStartingPoint's to attach those items.

     Could anyone please help me on this? Thanks